Cape Town Swing is a non-profit organisation run by local dancers. We organise regular socials and parties, and aim to build a community that is accessible beyond the city centre, and to nurture an appreciation for swing music, dancing and its history.

Swing dancing arrived in Cape Town towards the end of 2011, when Jeannie Elliott (a dancer and teacher from Texas) started teaching classes. The Cape Underground Swing Syndicate (CUSS) was formed by the original classmates and over the next few years, the swing dancing community grew in Cape Town. By 2014, the group had grown and was formalised as “Cape Town Swing”.

Our events are all about dancing socially and having a good time. We like to keep things goofy and not overly serious. If you stand near the dance floor, you’ll be asked to dance! We’re serious about inclusivity, fun, and safety: please read our Code of Conduct (which includes Dance Floor Etiquette and our Harassment Policy).

We’re actively looking for ways to make our dance accessible to the greater Cape Town population, and as the tip of Africa is far from the rest of the swing world, connecting with travelling dancers and the global swing community! If you love to dance or would like to learn, you’ve come to the right place. Head over to our Contact page to get in touch!