Campaign Update: The perks are coming!

sarahProject, The Journey

Hi folks,

Now that the Echoes of Sophiatown album is officially available, we are rolling out the rest of our Echoes gear so your perks are on their way! A couple notes:

Shipping Addresses
We are in the process of confirming the international addresses – we know that some people have moved since they donated and others did not give an address. If your address has changed OR if you reside overseas but would like your perks sent to a local South African address, please reach out and let us know ASAP:

Adding to your order
If you would like to add a CD (or other merch like our Echoes buttons) to your order, let us know within the week so we can ship it all together. Simply drop us a mail ( letting us know what you want and then you can make the payment through our online store (

We will send you a personal email when your perk has shipped to let you know it’s coming!


Cape Town Swing

Originally posted on Indiegogo on 24 April 2019