Campaign Update: The echoes are getting louder!

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Hi all you wonderful supporters of this project,

We’ve been swamped with preparations in the last few weeks, so apologies for the radio silence. It is definitely over due for an update.

1) Transcriptions
All 30 transcriptions are complete! We also had the lyrics translated into English so that more people can understand what the songs are about. The list includes 5 languages!

2) Music
The Pebble Shakers have been rehearsing hard and will continue to do so as we approach our recording dates in February. Hearing these tunes coming together has been quite magical. 

3) Art
We have partnered with a local gallery called Youngblood to put on an exhibition that will accompany the stories we are researching about the artists and period. The exhibition will include artwork inspired by music and culture of the era and the stories of the people who made it. Applications are open so if you would like to contribute to the exhibition feel free to get in touch with us, or directly with Youngblood via the application form (available here). The deadline for applications is the 7th of February and the exhibition will open on the 7th of March.

4) Stories
Research around the musicians, the bands and songs is underway and we’ll be sharing some tasters with you soon. There are some wonderful stories coming to light!

5) Designs
We are busy working on the cover and tshirt designs and will be ready to ship your perks by the end of March or early April.

6) Dates
Studio time for the recording of the album is booked for the 7th-12th of February! 
We will have an intimate pre-release on the 2nd of March (details to follow)
The main event, a whole evening of South African swing, will take place at Mother City Hop on the 23rd of March.

We have encountered some additional costs along the way so if you would like to contribute further to the campaign that would be really helpful. We will be closing this platform in the next week so don’t delay πŸ™‚

Its hard to believe its all taking shape!Thank you again for your support, you’ve helped bring something really special back to life. We can’t wait to share the results with you.

Hope to see you in March!
Brendan and the Echoes of Sophiatown team

Originally posted on Indiegogo 11 January 2019