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The Cape Town Swing Team Getaway, 2023.

In News by Alexander Pennington

There are two entries about the Swing team’s getaway: “The Summary” and “The Weekend”. They need different kinds of attention. You can read the “The Summary” like you’re driving in a car to a place you have in mind. You only have to look at what you need to. The second is more for those who aren’t in a hurry, …

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Empowering Insights from WOMXN IN DANCE

In News by Muriel Gravenor

As it is Women’s Month, we will be posting a series of blog entries that showcase the experiences and viewpoints of women. To begin, we believe it would be timely to share the insights gleaned from a recent gathering for women in the dance and movement communities of Cape Town. Recently, Cape Town Swing (CTS) took part in a significant …

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Honouring Frankie Manning’s Enduring Legacy with World Lindy Hop Day

In News by Mary-Anne Slezacek

On May 26th, swing dancers around the globe come together to celebrate Frankie Manning’s birthday and World Lindy Hop Day. I can’t think of anything more joyous than the entire world dancing together in a collective homage to the rich history, vibrant culture, and enduring fun of the Lindy Hop. It’s undergone some change and transformation since it first tore …