Group Classes

For absolute beginners and experienced swing dancers alike.

We offer a variety of classes in the family of Swing Era dances, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Blues & Slow Drag, and Balboa – for absolute beginners and experienced swing dancers alike.

Swing is, at its heart, a social dance, and our aim is to get you movin’ and groovin’ on the dance floor from your very first class. Lindy hop, the most popular partnered dance of the Swing Era, involves improvisation: mixing rhythms and patterns with vernacular jazz movements and charleston. Our classes are designed to help you get used to moving to swinging jazz music, and most of all, to feel the joy of this almost century-old dance.

Classes cost R130 per person, or you can sign up as a subscribing CTS Member, and get access to any classes at your level at no extra cost.

Take a look at our Level Descriptions to get a better idea of where you can slot in!

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City Centre on Fridays

Truth Coffee Roasting
36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

6 PM: Novice Learning Group
7:15 PM: Intermediate

Muizenberg on Tuesdays

Muizenberg Methodist Church
5 Marchmont Rd, Muizenberg

6 PM: Novice Learning Group
7:15 PM: Intermediate

Observatory on Wednesdays

Observatory Community Recreation Centre
Corner Rawson St & Collingwood Rd, Observatory 

6 PM: Novice Learning Group
7:15 PM: Intermediate

Stellenbosch on Wednesdays

No classes at the moment

Level Descriptions


Welcome! Perhaps you’ve never danced lindy hop before, or you've taken a couple of classes. Maybe you're here to try something new, or perhaps you’ve danced other styles, or never really danced at all and would like to change that… In our Novice Learning Groups, you’ll learn the fundamentals of lindy hop including swing outs (a lindy hop essential) and 8-count vocab, tuck-turns and other 6-count basics, charleston (side, front, and variations), and some solo jazz ABCs.


You've been dancing for a while and feel more relaxed on the dance floor: more in your body, less in your head. You’re really starting to get a feel for the music. You find that you listen to swing music between classes to keep your groove going. You may even spend time looking up the pros (Swing Era legends and international lindy hoppers of today) and start to take notes on cool moves and rhythms you want to try. You are comfortable social dancing swing outs and variations, switching between 6- and 8- count rhythms, and mixing in some charleston. You can have a fun solo jazz jam by yourself to swing music. You’ve started exploring dancing to much faster (e.g. 200 BPM) and much slower (e.g. 80 BPM) tempos. Maybe you’ve also experimented with switching to the other role!


This is where you really start upping your game! Musicality, variations and connection are key. You’ve got some classic lindy hop routines under your belt, like Trickeration, California Routine and the Big Apple. You’re inspiring others on the social dance floor, and you’re learning to shine with your own unique styling, and solid and creative rhythm. You’re using your body as an instrument, complimenting the music that inspires your dancing, and connecting smoothly with your dance partners.

Novice Learning Groups

Ready to become a Lindy Hopper? Whether you're brand new to swing dancing, or you've taken some classes in recent months.... if you’re ready to really learn, our Novice Learning Group is your next stop!

Coached by a CTS senior teacher, you'll learn to string together the essentials of Lindy Hop and other key dances in the swing family: Charleston, Vernacular Jazz, 6-count basics, and Blues/slow dancing!

The groups will meet once a week, and group members are expected to commit to attending every class. If someone misses a class, they may be required to take a private lesson to catch up (this will be at the teacher’s discretion). Once we're confident that you're well-versed in the basics of Lindy Hop, you'll be invited to take intermediate classes at any of our locations.

Newcomers to the group may join in the first two weeks of it starting; thereafter, anyone who wants to join the group will have to take private lessons (individual, pair or group) to catch up, before joining in. Contact us if you are interested.

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