Our Covid-19 Protocol

Last updated: 22 October 2021

What measures is Cape Town Swing taking?

The following measures are taken at all Cape Town Swing classes and events (as per the government's adjusted Alert Level 1 restrictions, and with our own additional precautions):

  • A sign-in and symptom-check is mandatory for everyone entering the venue;
  • Ventilation in the space is implemented as available;
  • For partnered classes, dancers remain with a single partner throughout the class (no partner rotation);
  • Face masks covering the nose and mouth are mandatory at all times;
  • While we don't currently mandate Covid-19 vaccination for attendees, all CTS teachers and staff are fully vaccinated.

Please help us reduce the severity of the pandemic by following these general measures:

  • Stay home if you don't feel well;
  • Always sign in at our class registration;
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially before and after class;
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow, or into a paper tissue (throw it away immediately and wash your hands thoroughly);
  • Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily;
  • Notify us immediately if you test positive for Covid-19.

What if classes are cancelled due to lockdown regulations?

If classes have to be cancelled, you may hold onto your class credit for a future class, or request a refund. By default, we will offer you credit for a future class. If you'd prefer a refund, please email us.

What if you test positive for Covid-19?

If you attended any of our classes or events within the 3 days prior to the onset of your symptoms:

  • please notify us immediately by email;
  • we will work with you to figure out who came into contact with you at our venue;
  • we will notify the other attendees by email (your identity and medical info will not be shared with fellow students).

Our email address is info@capetownswing.co.za.

What if another dancer tests positive for Covid-19?

Cape Town Swing staff will work with the person in question as follows:

  • Did they attend a CTS class or event within 3 days prior to, or 7 days after, the onset of their symptoms (i.e. in what is understood to be the infectious period)?
  • If yes: did they follow all the necessary precautions (mask, hand-washing, distancing)?
    • If no, the other attendees will be notified as high-risk contacts.
    • If yes, who did they come in direct contact with (e.g. their dance partner)? This person will be notified as a high-risk contact.

Please note that personal identity and medical information will not be shared with fellow dancers.