First Timer's Guide

Welcome to the swing fam! Here are some things to get you started:

  • Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign in, so that classes can start on time. We need you to sign in for every class, even if you’ve paid upfront, so that we may keep track of numbers.

  • To help make our classes delightful for everyone you’ll be dancing with, try to:
    • Squeeze in a shower before coming to class, or if you don’t have time, wear a fresh change of clothes and slap on some deodorant.
    • Bring extra clothes to change into. If your shoulder or back are not dry to the touch, it’s Cme to change! Consider it a badge of honour – you danced hard enough to warrant your second wardrobe change of the night!
    • Take a minute to brush your teeth before class, and bring breath mints to stay fresh after hours of dancing.

  • Read our dance etiquette guidelines below and learn how to be an awesome person on the dance floor 🙂

Swing Dance Etiquette

We want everyone to have a great time in our classes and on the dance floor. Here are some guidelines to help make that happen:

  • Feel free to ask everyone to dance, especially new dancers and visitors – help us make everyone feel welcome. And dance with the teachers!
  • Be mindful of whether it’s the right moment to ask someone to dance… Ask someone who’s clearly available to dance.
  • Dancing is sweaty, bring extra clothes to change into! Try to make sure your shoulders (for leaders) and back (for followers) are dry to the touch.
  • Try to avoid making gender-based assumptions about dance roles. Just ask: “Would you like to lead/follow/switch?”
  • Say yes! There’s nothing better than an enthusiastic agreement to a dance.
  • Say no (thank you). This is your right, and requires no explanation or apology. It’s not fun to dance with someone who doesn’t actually want to dance with you.
  • If someone declines a dance, that’s okay! Don’t take it personally – just say “Sure, maybe another time!”
  • Be conscious of nonverbal signals and respect your partner’s personal boundaries. Seek consent within the dance (e.g. not everyone feels comfortable in closed embrace).
  • If anyone makes you uncomfortable in any way, or touches you inappropriately, say STOP. If they do not, please inform one of the staff or report the incident via our anonymous reporting form.
  • No aerials or lifts on the social floor. Keep these for jam circles and comps – and only if you have consent.
  • Be careful and respectful of other dancers on the floor. If you knock someone, stop dancing, apologise, and check that they are ok.
  • The social floor is not the place for unsolicited advice. If someone wants your input, they’ll ask for it!
  • Have fun! We love welcoming beginners onto the social floor 🙂

P.S. As a community member, please read up on our Code of Conduct & Harassment Policy to help keep our scene safe, comfortable and happy.