Beginner & Intermediate Lindy Hop (Kloof St)

When/Where/How Much:

  • Fridays, 11 February – 4 March
  • Church hall, 60A Kloof St, Gardens (next to Arnold’s)
  • Cost: R90 per person per class (book & pay online)

17h45 โ€“ Swing It Out: 4-week beginner course

We’ll start with 8-count basic footwork and quickly build to a swing out, that beautiful stretchy move that epitomises lindy hop, using various exercises and drills to get you there.

We recommend signing up for all four classes. If, however, you can’t make it to all four, you may drop into individual classes โ€“ BUT: if you’re not feeling confident with the class content, you must stick with the partner you came with (no rotation), so as to not hold the others up.

19h00 โ€“ Intermediate Lindy Hop (drop-in)

For those of you who’ve been dancing a while and are feeling comfortable with partnership connection, swing outs, charleston basics and mixing 6- and 8-count footwork rhythms โ€“ this class is for you. Over four weeks, we’ll be taking inspiration from last year’s International Lindy Hop Championships, and incorporating some of the super fun partnered moves that came up there into some mini-routines for you to learn in class and practice for the social dance floor.

The partner/role situation:

If you already know which role you want to stick with (leader or follower), then please register with a partner for this class. If you are happy to lead or follow, then you can join without a partner and we’ll decide which role you take on, based on the numbers. Intermediates: please stick with the role that you’re accustomed to (if you want to try the other role, you’ll have to take the beginner class). Thanks for understanding!

Need a partner? Complete this form. We will be rotating partners in class, so you won’t be stuck with the same person for the hour ๐Ÿ™‚ We highly recommend rotating partners, as it leads to better and more adaptable partnering skills. However, if you prefer not to rotate partners under the Covid situation, we fully respect that.

What to bring:

  • Comfy shoes that you can dance in
  • A face mask that covers your nose and mouth
  • A water bottle

Please take note ofย our Covid-19 measures and our cancellation policy.


11 Feb 2022


17:45 - 20:00




Cape Town Union Congregational Church Hall
Cnr Kloof St & Eaton Rd, Cape Town


Muriel Gravenor
+27 62 072 3376
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