Classics Workshop: First Stops

First Stops is an iconic ensemble routine that Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers regularly performed as part of their repertoire in Harlem, New York. It’s a high-energy, dynamic routine starting with swing outs in group formation, with synchronised solo jazz steps, characteristic “stops” to accentuate rhythms, and partnered charleston.

From Swungover:

“[On stage at the Cotton Club, the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers] would line up and wait for the Swing Out cue. The group’s Swing Outs in a line, much like today, brought the house down. Then they’d do “Stops,” the first ensemble routine Frankie remembers them having. (The first “Stops” routine was slightly different than the modern versions it would evolve into and are most often taught today.) This is back in the days when the audiences demanded encores of their performers, and so Frankie’s group had to come up with something. So, he just had them start swinging out together until he told them to stop.”

This workshop is best suited for intermediate-level dancers who have foundations with swing outs, charleston and solo jazz. We’ll learn it slowly, practicing to medium-tempo swing songs, and gradually pick up the pace. As this is a partnered routine, we need a reasonable lead-follow balance for the workshop; please register with a partner in the opposite role.

Here is Sugar Sullivan (a lindy hopper from the Savoy of the 1950s) teaching/performing the routine with Peter Loggins:




14 May 2023


12:30 - 15:30




St Peter's Anglican Church
12A Park Ave, Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


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+27 62 072 3376
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