Intro to West Coast Swing with Doug Silton

Join Doug Silton (Portland, Oregon) for an introduction to West Coast Swing. This workshop will focus on how to migrate your partner dancing from Lindy Hop to West Coast Swing. As a professional Lindy Hop dancer, Doug stumbled upon WCS in August of 2000 and he has spent the last 23 years sharing his knowledge base with dancers all over the world.

West Coast Swing is a type of partner dance that originated in the United States during the 1940s. It is danced to a wide variety of music genres such as blues, jazz, rock, and pop. West Coast Swing is known for its smooth and fluid style, and it is characterised by its slotted movement, which means that the dancers move back and forth along a narrow rectangular area on the dance floor. West Coast Swing is often considered to be a more modern and versatile form of swing dancing, as it allows dancers to adapt their movements to different styles of music and to incorporate elements from other dance styles.



16 Apr 2023


12:00 - 15:30




Observatory Community Centre
Observatory Hall, Rawson Street, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa
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