The Classics: Learn the California Routine

The California Routine (and variations on it) is a partnered lindy hop choreography that has its origins with Frankie Manning and Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the 1930s as they travelled to the West of the United States to perform in film productions (hence “California”).

It’s since morphed its way into the version we know and love today – here’s some history for those who want to nerd out: “In thinking about it, it’s not really a big deal that the original California Routine can’t be pinned down. It might even be more in the spirit of Lindy Hop if it can’t. After all, the original dancers (and swing dancers in general) just weren’t often tied to doing things one way — over time, they usually allowed things to morph and evolve, either consciously or subconsciously… it’s the California Routine as choreographed by several different Whitey’s from 1930s-80s, the Rhythm Hot Shots in the 90s, and then ourselves today. That’s quite a legacy to be a part of.”

This workshop is best suited for intermediate-level dancers who are familiar with lindy hop basics. We’ll learn it slowly, practicing to medium-tempo swing songs, and gradually pick up the pace. Oh, and we’ll of course substitute the big airsteps for little airsteps 🙂




01 Oct 2022


14:00 - 17:00




St Peter's Anglican Church
12A Park Ave, Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


Muriel Gravenor
+27 62 072 3376
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