Movement Fundamentals Workshop with Crawl Labs

Movement Fundamentals: Exploring fundamental movement and mobility principles as they apply to Lindy Hop

This 3-hour workshop, offered by Crawl Labs, aims to expose Lindy Hoppers to movement and mobility training that will help develop awareness, responsiveness, coordination and agility.

The workshop will be broken into two parts:

1. Mobility:

Every synovial joint in the body has a potential range of motion that can only be expressed with control and intrinsic strength in isolated areas. Intrinsic strength in these areas is expressed as control through movement.

By developing our intrinsic strength in these areas, we are bringing more awareness to these sites and enhancing the intelligence of the connective tissues (muscle, tendon, ligament etc.) within these areas, which ultimately expresses more awareness and control through movement pathways.

We will use specific exercises to explore the individual capacities of the feet, ankles, knees and hips to bring more awareness and intrinsic strength to these areas.

2. Movement Dynamics:

In this portion of the workshop, we will explore a series of partner based tasks and puzzles that will build our ability to converse through movement by addressing our listening and responding abilities.

By using specific frameworks and rule-sets, we are able to explore tensional dynamics and develop our sensitivity to sudden changes in tension and as a result learn to respond timeously and appropriately.


This workshop is open to everyone, whether you’re brand new to swing dancing or have been dancing for years.


27 Aug 2023


13:00 - 16:00




Observatory Community Centre
Observatory Hall, Rawson Street, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa


Muriel Gravenor
+27 62 072 3376
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