The Bridge Workshop (Observatory)

Level up your Lindy Hop!

Have you been taking beginner lessons with us for a while, and now you’re ready to take your dancing to the next level? Then the quarterly Bridge workshop is your next stop. Every three months we will be running a 3-hour workshop where we will recap all the basics and drill on Lindy Hop* fundamentals to prepare you for the social dance floor intermediate classes. Come prepared to dance hard!


* The lindy hop is a partnered dance that originated in the African American communities in Harlem in the 1930s, and spread all over the world during the height of the Swing Era. It’s a dynamic, connected, stretchy, super-fun, expressive dance that plays with the swinging big band music of the era. It’s made a big comeback in recent decades thanks to its joyful energy.

No need to bring a partner. Anyone can lead or follow, roles not gendered.


When & Where:

  • Saturday 10 December, 14h00-17h00
  • Observatory Hall, Rawson Street, Observatory

What to bring:

  • Comfy shoes that you can dance in (sneakers and formal shoes are great, low vintage style heels are fine too)
  • A water bottle

Please take note of our cancellation policy.


10 Dec 2022


14:00 - 17:00



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Observatory Community Centre
Observatory Hall, Rawson Street, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa
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