Swing Music Playlists

We’ve curated Spotify playlists for you at different tempos so you can practice bopping your head, clapping, and dancing at a tempo you feel comfortable with. These are some of our favourites – enjoy!

Song of the Day
A little daily dose of swinging jazz via WhatsApp, with love from our DJs. Join the group

Echoes of Sophiatown

A mix of old recordings from South Africa's own swing era, and new covers from the Pebble Shakers.

Happy Hour Swings

A random hodge-podge of songs from all our playlists, to leave on shuffle for Happy Hour Swings!

<100 BPM

100-120 BPM

120-140 BPM

140-160 BPM

160-180 BPM

180-200 BPM

200-220 BPM

220-240 BPM

240-260 BPM

260-280 BPM

280-300 BPM

>300 BPM