Swing Music Playlists

We’ve curated Spotify playlists for you at different tempos so you can practice bopping your head, clapping, and dancing at a tempo you feel comfortable with. These are some of our favourites – enjoy!

Song of the Day
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Echoes of Sophiatown

A mix of old recordings from South Africa's own swing era, and new covers from the Pebble Shakers.

Farmhouse Party

Groovy songs (mostly rhythm & blues) from our beloved Swing Camp farmhouse parties.


Slower swing songs that are especially enjoyed by first-time lindy hoppers, to practice basic footwork.

This is about the average tempo at our parties – a good idea to get comfortable swinging out to these!


Pick up the tempo with this playlist – great for swinging the f* out or mixing in some charleston.

Slow & Bluesy

Mellow, sensual, slow swing and blues songs for those late-night, too-tired-to-swing-out vibes.

Great for Charleston

Higher-tempo (and higher-energy) jazz, mostly from earlier in the swing era.

Perfect for Balboa

Fast (but not necessarily high-energy) swinging jazz for practicing your bal.