Project Goals: Preserve, Revive, Celebrate


With so much history, knowledge, and culture at stake, the the aim of the Echoes project is to pay tribute to the musicians, dancers, and other South Africans who were part of the swing era, and ensure that their legacy lives on for a new audience of jazz lovers, history buffs, cultural aficionados, and swing dancers. 

As an organization dedicated to promoting swing music, dancing, and culture in the region, Cape Town Swing has endeavoured to do this by reviving the music, documenting the stories that accompany it, and incorporating other contemporary art forms that complete the picture (dance styles, photography, visual art, literature).

March 2019 marked our first project milestone, aimed at making a collection of South African swing songs available to the local and international community to listen to, play themselves, and dance along with.

We consider Echoes of Sophiatown to be an ongoing project which we hope will grow and expand as we learn more and connect with more people and organizations who share our passion for cultural preservation.