Shim Sham Challenge

Swing dancers everywhere know this line dance that was originally a tap routine from the 1920s, then modified by Frankie Manning in the ‘80s for lindy hoppers. Nowadays it’s most typically danced to the song Tain’t What You Do by Jimmie Lunceford.

Find resources on YouTube (there are plenty!), teach yourself, train train train, film yourself performing it, send us the video, we’ll watch it and offer feedback. Can do this solo or in a small group of up to 4.

Goals achieved in the process:

  • Learn the routines that lots of other lindy hoppers know (obvs) and flashmob them when the songs come on (YESSS)
  • Practice teaching yourself from video
  • Get comfortable moving your body solo
  • Increase your jazz vocab
  • Get used to seeing yourself dance without cringing (pat yourself on the back for the good stuff & fix the odd stuff)
  • Fall in love with solo jazz & even more with swing music 🥰