Sources of Information and Inspiration

sarahContributors, The Journey

In the lead-up to milestone one, as we were preparing to record the Echoes album and launch the blog, we consulted with a host of people, organizations, and texts that became invaluable sources of information and inspiration. Here is a short list of the people, organisations, and sources whose work proved essential in our first phase of work–and which we can highly recommend all music lovers, history buffs, and Echoes patrons check out!

Tricia Sibbons and the crew at Sophiatown the Mix • Fred Jacquier from Voom Voom Vintage • Photography of Bob Gosani, Peter Magubane, and Jurgen SchadebergDRUM magazine • Chris Ballantine and his book Marabi NightsSoweto Blues by Gwen AnsellBeyond Memory by Max Mojapelo • Flat International South African Audio Archive project • Bailey’s African History ArchiveElectric Jive project and blog • Soul Safari blog • Township Swing blog • South African History Online • Dr. Lizabe Lambrechts of the Hidden Years Music Archive ProjectHugh Masekela Heritage Foundation