Swing into Action

Supporting vulnerable people in South Africa during the COVID-19 crisis

Calling swing dancers everywhere: would you like to share your expertise or make a monetary donation towards a good cause?

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Africa have tipped over the 1,000 mark, there's a lot of concern about the devastating impact that this virus will have locally: about 40% of South Africans live in poverty (about €1.50 per day), and more than 50% do not have access to running water. Recommended measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (e.g washing hands, self-isolation) are impossible for millions of people in South Africa, who live in cramped conditions with limited sanitation. In addition to this, high rates of TB and HIV/AIDS means that many are immuno-compromised, and therefore highly vulnerable to COVID-19.
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In recognition of what could become a health and economic crisis on a massive scale, a number of 'Community Action Networks' (CANs) have formed in the lead-up to the South African lockdown, to collect essential supplies (such as soap, sanitiser and food staples) and distribute them in areas where they're most needed. Other initiatives have formed to provide economic support to those in the informal sector who stand to lose their income.

Between 11–25 April 2020, Cape Town Swing would like to invite the global swing dance community to form its own 'Lindy Hop CAN' towards supporting the South African cause, by connecting online during this lockdown period. We recognise that many parts of the world are facing severe economic and health crises under the pandemic, however, we’re positioned to act locally. If you’re compelled to help the South African community, consider this your invitation:

  1. Performers, teachers, DJs, music aficionados, swing historians, community builders... Would you consider donating an hour of your time on a livestream to the global community, sharing your expertise? If so, we'd be thrilled to hear from you! Drop us an email: info@capetownswing.co.za
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    1. To those members of the swing community who will enjoy watching these live-streamed sessions: would you consider making a monetary donation (however small) towards alleviating the impact of COVID-19 on the South African population? 100% of the proceeds will be donated to two local charities that are working to help those in need under the lockdown:

      An initiative to support local farmers who normally supply the restaurant industry, to shift the flow of fresh produce to people in poor communities.

      Souper Troopers
      A network of 18 nonprofits that are distributing food and essential items to the vulnerable people in the poorest areas of Cape Town.

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      Get in touch with us if you would like to offer your time, if you know of other charities that we could support, or if you have more creative ideas for this initiative: info@capetownswing.co.za.

      About Cape Town Swing:
      Cape Town Swing is a registered non-profit (with PBO status) which is dedicated to growing swing dance and music in South Africa. It is working to connect the local jazz and vernacular dance cultures with the global swing scene through the annual international swing dance festival Mother City Hop, and to revive the distinct South African swing sound through the transcription project Echoes of Sophiatown. You can find out more at www.capetownswing.co.za. If you would like to support us financially, you are welcome to donate to paypal.me/capetownswing.