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Want to give back to the community with a couple hours’ work on the side? Cape Town Swing is growing the team and looking to fill some volunteer roles in admin, design, video and social media. Read the role descriptions/responsibilities and if any of these pique your interest, fill out our application form. If it’s a good fit, we’ll try it out for one month before confirming a 6-month volunteer agreement.

Perks: gratitude, good vibes and free group classes* 🙂

* unlimited access to scheduled group classes in the period that you’re working for CTS – on condition that you’re in the right class level and that the lead-follow balance is ok

Class sign-in

2 volunteers

Class attendees are signed in on our spreadsheet system at the start of each class – and we need trusty volunteers to take on this administrative task. It's simple, but important!

If you're easy-going with spreadsheets, have superb attention to detail, and are a friendly face for first-timers at CTS, this role could be for you 🙂

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1 volunteer

We like to post regularly on our Instagram account: photos and video clips from our activities, posters advertising them in advance, and occasionally other relevant media such as old clips from the historical Swing Era.

Your role will be to draft 3-4 posts on Planoly per week. You'll source these from our media@capetownswing.co.za email account, our stock of Mother City Hop photos (2016-2019), community reposts, and from our designer who'll be creating posters on Canva. You'll draft captions with a fun, warm voice, with 8-12 relevant hashtags. Draft posts should be run past Muriel before being scheduled out.

If you have experience and enthusiasm for what works on Instagram (for engagement and growth) and love the swing dance community, this role could be for you.

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1 volunteer

While we do push our Instagram posts directly to our Facebook page, we also like to share third-party content, such as swing dance videos from other communities or from the history books, links about intersecting topics: jazz music/musicians, swing dance origins and history, South African dance and music, funny (and relevant) memes, etc.

Your role will be to draft 2-3 third-party posts per week in Facebook Creator Studio. Once approved, you'll schedule them out.

If you have a curiosity and enthusiasm for sourcing fun and relevant content online, this role could be for you.

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1 volunteer

Our Meetup group has over 3,400 members and is a regular source of newcomers to the community. We add every class, social etc. as a Meetup event, and we copy-paste our Mailchimp campaigns as Meetup group announcements.

Your role, firstly, will be to add every new event as a Meetup event (source the poster from our designer, and copy-paste the event description from the website). Run the draft by Muriel before publishing.

Secondly, you'll be expected to send a welcome as a direct message to every new group member.

Thirdly, whenever there's a new email campaign from our Mailchimp account, you'll copy-paste this as a Meetup announcement, fix the formatting, and save it as a draft for Muriel to publish once approved.

If you have good attention to detail and basic copy-writing skills, this role could be for you.

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Photos & Videos

2-3 volunteers

It makes a HUGE difference to our online presence (and therefore the growth of our community) to have photos and video clips from various activities. As far as possible, we try to get at least a few shots from each of our classes/events, which can then be posted on Instagram and (with better-quality footage) on YouTube.

We're looking for 2-3 volunteers to use their own camera (mobile or otherwise) to take video clips and/or photos at the classes and events that they attend.  You'll then send them via WeTransfer to media@capetownswing.co.za, where we'll store and use them.

We have the volunteers we need for the City Bowl, but we need 1-2 more volunteers for classes in the South Peninsula.

If you have some experience taking good photos/video and can get creative with your shots (move around, get different angles, closer and further away, happy feet and happy faces...) that's a bonus.

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1 volunteer

This role has been filled!

We have a beautiful new logo and brand identity (thanks Carla Kreuser & Rudi de Wet!). As our go-to design volunteer, you will be added to our Canva Pro account, where you'll find the brand kit, colour palettes, fonts, design elements and templates for Instagram, website, Facebook etc.

You'll be responsible for creating posters for new events, classes and announcements as per Muriel’s request. This will vary in frequency, perhaps 3-4 designs per month depending on how busy the CTS community is.

Each design should have a version for:

  • Website event/Facebook event/Meetup event/LinkedIn post (all the same format)
  • Instagram feed (square)
  • Instagram stories (vertical)

Design templates for each of the above are already set up. You'll be expected to submit drafts for review, before finalising.

If you have a great eye for design, this role could be for you. Design qualification and/or experience is a bonus.

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Is there some other skill you'd like to contribute?

We'd be thrilled to hear your ideas!
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