To complement your regular classes.

To complement our weeknight classes, we offer the following weekend workshops:

Dance in a Day

This workshop is fit for first-time dancers and experienced lindy hoppers alike. In the first hour, we have an introductory lesson which is beginner-friendly and open to all. Then in the two hours that follow, we dig deeper into more advanced material for dancers who are already familiar with the basics.

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The Classics

Learn classic lindy hop and solo jazz routines that are known and loved by swing dancers around the world. These routines were created  during the height of the Swing Era in the 1920s-'50s, and shared by lindy hop legends in more recent decades.

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The Bridge

Have you been taking beginner lessons with us for a while, and now you're ready to take your dancing to the next level? Then The Bridge workshop is your next stop. Every quarter we will be running a 3-hour workshop where we will consolidate all the basics (Charleston, 6-count, 8-count, and jazz) and drill on Lindy Hop fundamentals to prepare you for the social dance floor (and intermediate classes). Come prepared to dance hard!

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